Wednesday, June 5, 2013

day 13 and we're off to a good start (new orleans)

When I was in Costa Rica over Christmas break I met a girl named Molly that I really hit it off with. When I heard she was moving to New Orleans, I was super excited to come visit her. I spent a lot of time in the big easy between the years of 2000 and 2005, but hadn't visited the city since Hurricane Katrina hit in late summer 2005.

After laying around on her porch alternatively reading and napping during the hottest part of the day, Molly and I made plans to eat some delicious local fare. We got off to a very good start.

(1) Oysters at The Blind Pelican. Of course when I think of New Orleans one of the first things that comes to mind is seafood. Oysters are a popular dish here, harvested nearby from the Gulf of Mexico.

The Blind Pelican, New Orleans, Louisiana
The Blind Pelican, 1628 St Charles
The Blind Pelican has a great happy hour deal: raw oysters are $3 per dozen and the charbroiled oysters are $7.50 per dozen. You have to buy a beer with each set of dozen oysters you order. Luckily, I went to the restaurant with three beer drinkers so I was still able to indulge in the happy hour deal while maintaining my sobriety with an iced tea.

Charbroiled oysters, The Blind Pelican, New Orleans, Louisiana
Charbroiled oysters from The Blind Pelican
I didn't love the oysters to be honest. They were good but nothing spectacular. However, at 25 cents apiece (for the raw), I wouldn't complain. The restaurant had a great patio, along St Charles street, which I hear is often very crowded. Overall it was a nice spot, with a good happy hour deal, and decent food.

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(2) Tacos from Taceaux Loceaux

Taceaux Loceaux food truck, New Orleans, Louisiana

I am a big fan of the modern food truck movement, and have been excited to partake now that I'm back in the States. Some of the reasons I like to eat from food trucks:
  • I like to eat smaller meals often, and food truck vendors offer the right portion size.
  • Cooks in food trucks tend to specialize. I prefer smaller menus with fewer options.
  • I assume that the food truck vendors are able to take more risks and have more flexibility than fixed-location restaurants. The food typically seems hip and modern in a way that I appreciate.
Taceaux Loceaux food truck, New Orleans, Louisiana
Molly with the Taceaux Loceaux menu
I tried the following items from the menu.
  • Messin with Texas. Delicious, but very greasy. I'm usually not a big fan of flour tortillas (instead of corn), but they complemented the brisket well. 
  • Seoul man. I liked the pickled vegetables that came on the tacos, but otherwise they were a little bland. The tacos were good but didn't seem as special as the other two.
  • Jane Deaux. These vegetarian tacos were delicious. The flavor was unique. I was happy to see two vegetarian options out of seven.
Taceaux Loceaux food truck, New Orleans, Louisiana
Messin with texas

Tacos from the Taceaux Loceaux food truck, New Orleans, Louisiana
Jane Deaux
Taceaux Loceaux makes delicious tacos, which I would eat again in an instant. The only complaint I could make is that the tacos come as identical pairs. I would prefer to order the tacos individually so I could order two different tacos in my pair or just one taco if I wasn't too hungry.

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