Thursday, June 6, 2013

day 14 cheap eats in the french quarter

Cafe du Monde, New Orleans, Louisiana

There's nothing more cliche than eating at Cafe du Monde in the French Quarter. Even so, as I have a terrible sweet-tooth, I had to have one of their pillowy beignet donuts, generously covered with powered sugar.

Cafe du Monde, New Orleans, Louisiana

The beignets themselves were fine, especially for under $1 a pop. I found the amount of sugar to be a bit ridiculous, but I liked it all the same. The cafe au lait I ordered was horrible though. The milk had clearly been scalded as it had a lot of slimy solids in it. The service was not great either. I would skip it next time, especially considered the abundance of delicious foods in the Big Easy.
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Another staple of New Orleans fare is the po' boy sandwich. A po' boy is traditionally made with meat (like roast beef) or shellfish (like shrimp), doused in dressing so that it is quite messy to eat, and wrapped up in a French style baguette. Molly read on YELP that there was a good po' boy shop in the FQ called Killer Po' Boy, which was pretty well hidden in the back of a bar called the Erin Rose. I loved both the bar and the po' boy shop.

Erin Rose Bar, New Orleans, Louisiana

At first when I told the bartender that I wanted a non-alchoholic drink, I thought she seemed irritated. But then she told me that they make their own simple syrups, of which I picked Strawberry Basil, that she could use to make me a homemade soda. I was so glad she told me that because it was SO MUCH BETTER than a coke would have been (what I usually order at bars). The soda was incredibly refreshing on a hot and humid June afternoon. They also had pretty decent daytime prices on booze between the hours of 10am and 2pm. Molly had a bloody Mary that cost $3.50, and they were selling lemon beer for a buck a pop.

Refreshing beverages at the Erin Rose on a hot June day in NOLA

We ordered the Dark and Stormy Pork Belly Po' Boy, which came with a sweet rum and ginger glaze and coleslaw with aioli. This was probably one of the better sandwiches I have had in my life. The dressing on the sandwich was rich and sweet, the bread they use is fantastic (absorbed the dressing but stayed perfectly crispy on the outside), and the texture of the pork belly mixed with the cabbage was phenomenal.

Not the most traditional po' boy, but a delicious one.

We also got a side dish of the watermelon. It was cubed and mixed with mint and sriracha for a slightly spicy and sweet salad. I am not the biggest fan of mixing spicy flavors with fruit, but Killer pulled it off. It was again a perfect treat for a hot and humid summer day.
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